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MPG Partner group final meeting
Date: 15-18 July 2010
Venue: University building (Map label 1), University of Maribor

Slovenia (red dot below)


Maribor is easily accessible by all means of transport.

Travelling by train
The Maribor train station is situated in the eastern part of the Maribor city centre (at Partizanska cesta 50). By train, you can travel to Maribor for example from:
Vienna Meidling – Maribor (3 h 30 m)
Graz – Maribor (1 h)
Venezia Santa Lucia – Ljubljana – Maribor (9 - 10 h)
Zagreb – Dobova – Zidani most – Celje – Pragersko – Maribor (3 h 30 min)
Budapest – Vienna – Graz – Maribor (6 h 30 m)
Budapest – Hodoš – Murska Sobota – Ormož – Ptuj – Pragersko – Maribor (6 h 30 m)
Budapest – Murakerestur – Zagreb – Maribor (13 h 30 m)
Prague – Vienna – Maribor (9 h)

Maribor by car
By car, you can travel to the Maribor region from the direction of Ljubljana (Slovenia) on the A1/E57, from the direction of Zagreb (Croatia) on the E59, from the direction of Budapest (Hungary) on the E59/E65/E71/M7, and from the direction of Trieste (Italy) on the E57/E70. Maribor is located only few minutes from the Austrian boarder: you can travel to Maribor from the direction of Graz on the A9/E57/E59, from the direction of Klagenfurt on the road B80/B70, and from the direction of Villach on the B80/B70/E66/B83.
In order to use motorways and express roads in Slovenia, a vignette is required. You can purchase the vignette at the border, at petrol stations in Slovenia and neighboring countries, at post offices in Slovenia, at some kiosks etc.

Travelling by plane
Although Maribor has an international airport, e.i. the Edvard Rusjan Airport or simply just Maribor Airport, it does not provide regular flight connections.
Nearby airports are in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Graz (Austria), Zagreb (Croatia), and Klagenfurt (Austria). Airports in Ljubljana, Graz and Klagenfurt are also destinations of the low-cost carriers easyJet (Ljubljana) and Ryanair (Klagenfurt and Graz). Closest to Maribor is the Graz Airport: trains from the Graz Airport to Maribor leave six times a day, and the journey takes about an hour and a half.

Maribor Climate

For most of the year, Maribor enjoys a pleasant Pannonian climate. Winters tend to be cold. Spring comes early. Summers are hot and autumns warm. Average temperatures in July are 16°C at night and 26°C during the day.

Slovenia in Brief

Population: 2,019,406.
Over 50% of the area of Slovenia is a forest.
Language: Slovene; also Italian and Hungarian in nationally mixed areas.
EU member since May 1, 2004. 
Currency: Euro.

Slovenia is a diverse country between the Alps and the Mediterranean. You can ski in the morning and enjoy the Adriatic Sea in the afternoon. Slovenia has countless vineyards with top quality wines, Carst region with numerous caves, Pannonian hills and plains, and the only primeval forest in Europe.

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Updated: 10 May 2010

Supported by: Max-Planck Society | Slovenian Physiological Society | University of Maribor Cell Engineering Laboratory, Celica Biomedical Center, Ljubljana | Center of excellence Cipkebip