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Short history of the Slovenian Physiological Society


Physiology was part of the curriculum since the establishment of the University of Ljubljana (1919). However, a formal society was not organized until 1955. The pioneering work in physiology, before and after the Second World War, was done by Professor A. Seliškar. On the occasion of inauguration of a new extension to the Institute of Pathophysiology, Medical School in Ljubljana, a meeting of physiologists from Yugoslavia was organized by Professor A.O. Župančič. This took place on October 4-6, 1955. The question of a formal organization of physiologists was raised on this occasion and the date of this event was recognized as the birthday of the Physiological Society of Yugoslavia. The Physiological Society of Yugoslavia had chapters in each of the six republics (since 1961 The Physiological Society of Yugoslavia was a member of International Union of Physiological Societies – IUPS). The first records of the chapter in Slovenia date in 1958, organized by the first four members (Prof. P. Lenče, Prof. S. Vatovec, Prof. A. Seliškar and Prof. A. O. Župančič). Physiological Society of Yugoslavia ceased to exist in 1973 since the new federal constitution demanded the establisment of societies within republics of Yugoslavia Federation. The first charter of the Physiological Society of Slovenia dates in 1973 (approved by the state in 1975). In 1992, the second charter was voted on, and in 1993 the Physiological Society of Slovenia was elected a member of IUPS.



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