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Research in medical education is expanding and includes several profiles of professionals: physicians, psychologists, sociologists, educationalists, economists, etc. Numerous national and international institutions give an increasing emphasis on ensuring basic standards of medical education and on institutions’ presentation of appropriate activities to deliver them. So among others, current hot topics in medical education are: knowledge/skills/attitudes assessment, social responsibility of medical schools, faculty and curriculum development, active and practical learning, patient safety, etc.

Faculty of Medicine University of Maribor actively joined the medical education research community with the first two poster presentations at AMEE international conference in Glasgow, 2010. Since then we have delivered more than 20 different poster presentations and short lectures on various conferences (Photo 1), ranging from innovation descriptions, evaluations, and to smaller research projects. Currently, we also plan to publish our contributions in international journals such as Medical Teacher, Clinical Teacher and Medical Education with impact factors from 1 to 3. We will also focus on European project applications for research in medical education, which will in turn facilitate introduction of several innovations to our curriculum, hopefully adding to global developments as well. All our activities are carried out in light of global trends in the field of medical education, which increase the competency of future physicians and reflect a high level of social responsibility felt by our faculty.

We have recently published two papers in the journal of Medical Chamber of Slovenia (ISIS) with the aim of informing our physicians with current trends in medical education and encouraging their active engagement in the field:

Everyone who would like to actively join us is kindly invited to contact us at cim.mf@um.si.

Photo 1: collage of photographies from some medical education conferences in which we actively participated.

Figure presents mosaic of small photos from some medical education conferences in which students of Faculty of Medicine University of Maribor actively participated by demonstarting their achievements


Conference presentations: