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vabljeni k prijavi na BIP. Program v priponki.

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Diabetes 360º - Boot camp on Metabolic Research & Writing


Date of physical mobility: July 8th to 12th (5 days)

Date of on-line component: Three sessions in June-July and two in September

More information: See PDF attached or come to this video call on Thursday March 21st at 12:00

The program aims at providing a students with the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Explore the physiopathology and prevalence of diabetes, while delving into the main complications and their underlying mechanisms. Understand the traditional types and novel subtypes.
  • Understand how current therapies in diabetes work
  • Discuss other possible novel therapies for unmet clinical needs, drug repurpose and non-pharmacological interventions
  • Analyse the main factors impairing life quality in diabetes including mental health and discuss on how to tackle them
  • Develop a collaborative work project in an online setting with a multidisciplinary and international team.
  • Soft skills e.g. writing a project report and presenting data in a small congress that will take place during the physical mobility phases.

We are looking for Higher Education Institutions interested in participating by:

  • Providing students from any Health Sciences related program (Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, etcetera), from any study cycle (Undergraduate to PhD) to participate in the BIP.
Download this file (Diabetes BIP at UAL.docx)Diabetes BIP at UAL.docx[ ]26 kB

To the kind attention of whom it may concern,

On behalf of ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) we kindly ask your support in promoting the ESMO Courses in Medical Oncology for Medical Students, which will take place on 19-23 July 2024 in Valencia and on 2-6 September 2024 in Naples, Italy https://www.esmo.org/about-esmo-meetings/esmo-courses-on-medical-oncology-for-medical-students

These annual four-day residential courses are open to 4th and 5th year medical students undergraduates worldwide. 60 seats are available and selected students will receive free registration, free accommodation and a travel grant.

These courses aim to:

  • Provide insight into medical oncology, filling the gap in the medical student’s curriculum 
  • Present and discuss clinical cases with a multidisciplinary approach 
  • Start a dialogue with the student community through tailor-made courses enhancing and broadening medical students’ education and learning experiences 

Online application in now open until 15th April 2024.                                                     

Please see the attached printable material that you can share among your students.

We remain at your disposal for any additional information.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Kind regards,

The ESMO Education Team

European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO)

Via Ginevra, 4 | 6900 Lugano | Switzerland


Vljudno vabljeni k prijavi na BIP« How to speak about Gender and Sexuality in Family Medicine (3 ECTS)« , ki bo potekal  v terminu 12.5.- 17. 5. 2024 na Johannes Kepler Universitaet Linz, Avstrija .

Vsebina :

The programme is divided into 4 online teaching entities consisting of 22 units each, followed by an on-site visit to Linz consisting of 32 units.

The following topics will be covered in the online sessions:

Johannes Kepler University (Institute of General Medicine) - Empathetic Dialogues: Addressing Sexual Health in Family Medicine.

University of Zagreb - Gender Equality

University of Maribor - Gender-Based Violence

University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia - Spanish Policy on Gender Equality

An On-Site visit to Linz is planned for the students and mentors of the collaborating universities, which will be hosted by the Institute of General Practice from Johannes Kepler University. The

collaborative initiative employs a dynamic approach, integrating online modules and on-site experiences to comprehensively educate medical students. At the conclusion of the program, participants are expected to possess a profound understanding of the pivotal roles gender and sexual health play in the realm of family medicine. This initiative not only enriches medical education but also fosters cross-cultural knowledge exchange among esteemed institutions.

Primary outcomes:

  1. Enhanced Understanding of Gender and sexual Health

2.Understanding of Gender Equality Principles and Diversity

  1. Increased Awareness of Gender-Based Violence
  2. Knowledge of Spanish Policy on Gender Equality
  3. Effective communication skills
  4. Cross-Cultural Competence

Secondary Outcomes:

  1. Satisfaction and Engagement of participants evaluation
  2. Long-Term Impact on Clinical Practice
  3. Collaborative Network Strengthening
  4. Educational Resource Development
  5. Program scalability and feasibility into other medical curricula
  6. 6. Alumni impact

Virtual component timing Before and after

Virtual component description There will be 4 teaching entities that happen at the beginning of the programme, where each university will be conducting online sessions for their respective subject. After the on-site visit to Linz the students will be asked to fill in a feedback form about the programme itself which will be submitted online.

Application link:


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Dear students,

We are pleased to announce the first two Summer Schools of the UoC Medical School for 2024!

1. Summer School "Dementia for medical students: Improving knowledge/developing skills of pregraduate students to manage dementia"

Coordinating Department / Laboratory: Department of Neurology, Medical School University of Crete

The summer school "Dementia for medical students" aims to expose medical students to the challenges of detecting cognitive dysfunction and caring for patients with neurodegenerative disorders. This offers an opportunity to showcase the interdisciplinary approach employed in dementia care to optimize health outcomes. At the same time, students will be educated on the most recent developments in research for neurodegenerative disorders.
The structure of the program entails both clinical practice and hands-on laboratory experience and lectures by distinguished scientists running in parallel. A total of 16 medical students will be practicing in groups in the departments involved in this summer school (Neurology, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Social Medicine) and the Laboratories of the University of Crete, Medical School (Neurogenetics/Neurodegenerative Disorders, Pharmacology, Pathology). At the same time, the group will attend courses by experts in the field of dementia.

Application deadline: January 31, 2024

Location: School of Medicine, University of Crete, Heraklion Crete and University Hospital of Heraklion

Dates: July 8- 13, 2024

Please read more here: https://med.uoc.gr/wp-content/arxeia-greek/proptyxiaka/summer-schools/2024/2024-07-08-summer-school-1.pdf

  1. Summer School on Applied Respiratory Physiology

    Coordinating Department / Laboratory: Department of Intensive Care, Medical School University of Crete

    The course is directed to medical students who have completed the 3rd year of their studies and have taken courses on respiratory physiology and pathophysiology. The aim of the course is to provide an in-depth understanding of respiratory physiology and its implications in health, in exercise and extreme environments, disease, and mechanical ventilation.

    The hands-on sessions will allow students to visualize and comprehend the basic physiology and familiarize them with the use of cardiopulmonary exercise testing, polysomnography. Finally using a lung simulator the students will learn the basic principles of setting and adjusting a mechanical ventilator to support a critically ill patient with respiratory failure. All courses will be given by experts in adult respiratory and intensive care medicine.

    Application deadline: April 30, 2024

    Location: School of Medicine of the University of Crete and University Hospital of Heraklion, Intensive Care Unit, Heraklion Crete

    Dates: July 8 – 12, 2024

    Please read more here: https://med.uoc.gr/wp-content/arxeia-greek/proptyxiaka/summer-schools/2024/2024-07-08-summer-school-2b.pdf

We are looking forward to welcoming your students!

Best regards,

-- Stella Melina Vasilaki International and Public Relations DepartmentErasmus+ Programme | School of MedicineUniversity of Crete tel. +30 2810 394010email: erasmusmed@uoc.gr

Dear students,

cordially invited to

„Winter School in Medical Engineering“ 

“Prosthetics, Materials and Medical Simulations”

From/to: February 5 – 9, 2024

Target groups: bachelor’s/undergraduate students (end of studies; eg. 5th semester)

Join us for five days and receive up to 2 ECTS (according to your individual recognition criteria). In addition to lectures and workshops, our program will include site visits and one optional day for cultural activities.

Application deadline December 10, 2023. Students should contact us via e-mail (international@fh-linz.at) in order to receive an individual application link. Further details and updates will be also available on our Winter School Homepage

If you do not offer any adequate study-program, please excuse, and disregard my e-mail. Thank you.
Best regards,

Mag. Iwona Hunstorfer
Head of International Office
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
School of Medical Engineering and Applied Social Sciences
Garnisonstrasse 21 | 4020 Linz/Austria
Tel. +43 5 0804 54060
E-Mail: iwona.hunstorfer@fh-linz.at
Web: www.fh-ooe.at 

Download this file (WinterSchoolMedEng 2024_FHOOE.pdf)WinterSchoolMedEng 2024_FHOOE.pdf[ ]1271 kB
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