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IP SimClip 2013 – Today we embark on the Day 3 of Erasmus IP SimClip 2013 programme

Invitational poster of the Erasmus IP SimClip 2013 programmeSo far we have kept to the schedule and all the participants are really involved in the sessions. The interactivity is booming and hopefully the enthusiasm in simulation is going to keep rising. The student presentations on simulation at their schools were really good, each followed by a vivid discussion. The clinical skills training part revealed some differences in protocols followed between the countries and students really liked the hands-on training. The teacher group did a fine job preparing the Day 2 assessment. There are some software problems with one of the high-tech simulators and hopefully the service team is going to be able to fix it before the high-fidelity simulation training starts. More can be found on the IP SimClip 2013 webpage.

IP SimClip 2013 - MF UM Students Applications

We are proudly announcing that an Erasmus intensive program on simulation in medicine will be taking place at Faculty of Medicine University of Maribor from 16th until 29th of June 2013. It will include basic clinical skills practice on simple simulators (eg. venepuncture, urinary bladder catheterization) as well as patient management skills on complex high-tech simulators (e.g. interventional cardiology, endoscopy, laparoscopic surgery). Four partner medical schools from Rijeka, Wroclaw, Uppsala, and Maribor will be cooperating in program delivery with their students and teachers.

Due to limited number of spaces we decided to release a call for our medical students application for participation in the program. Only our undergraduate medical students enrolled in Years-3 to Year-6 are eligible to apply. Serious candidates should send a short motivation letter (up to 200 words), curriculum vitae, and basic personal information at: cim.mf@um.si. The deadline for applications is April 15th 2013 at 8 pm. The candidates will be notified on the final selection decisions made by the Local Organizing Committee by April 30th 2013.

More on IP SimClip 2013.

Workshop – ECG basics

Students at the workshop of the electrophysiology basics In cooperation with Clinic for internal medicine, Center for Medical Education organized a two day workshop for Year-6 medical students entitled: ECG basics. It was delivered on 14th and 15th of March 2013.

On the first days’ agenda were short interactive lectures, presenting basics of electrophysiology of the heart, basic ECG interpretation and arrhythmias, whereas on the second day students engaged in small working groups in which they were practicing ECG interpretation under mentors’ guidance. An exam followed this intensive practical work. Student responses were excellent and we are preparing a repeat workshop in upcoming months.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank all the students who joined the workshop and all mentors/co-workers who sacrificed their precious time and energy for booklet production, lecture and small working groups activities delivery.